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Canadians feel a loss of control over their personal data

Canadians feel a loss of control over their personal data

Nearly eight in ten Canadians find their personal data so exposed and poorly controlled that they feel they have lost control of their information, according to a recent Interac poll.

Thus, only 40 per cent of Canadians surveyed believe they are still able to protect their personal information online, according to data released Tuesday.

The rise of connected technologies, such as smart home devices, is one of the main things consumers worry about their data usage.

About six in ten Canadians also find they are asked to provide their personal information more often than they think is necessary when accessing online services or shopping.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of their personal data and are dissatisfied with the status quo,” said Colette Stewart, senior legal counsel and head of corporate privacy at Interac.

No more approval

To take back control, 87% of respondents believe they should have the right to ask organizations to delete their personal data whenever they want.

Streamlining the consent process – using clear language and an explanation of how data will be shared – is also needed.

Two-thirds of Canadians surveyed believe a step in the right direction will be taken with the arrival of the Open Banking Act, which will allow banks to securely share personal data with financial apps.

“As Canada moves to give consumers greater control over their financial data through consumer-driven banking, the adoption and utility of these services depends on respect for privacy, data protection and consumer trust,” added Kashmera Self, vice-president, strategy and innovation. .

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The poll was conducted by Hill & Knowlton with the Léger Opinion panel online among 1,500 Canadians from January 2 to 4, 2024.

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