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Samsung or Dyson vacuum cleaners mixed with AI, what does that change?

Samsung or Dyson vacuum cleaners mixed with AI, what does that change?

A vacuum cleaner that includes artificial intelligence (AI)? That seemed very strange to me. Which, in my opinion, verges on an overblown marketing argument, as I wrote in a column published on June 11. This came on the heels of Samsung announcing the launch of the Bespoke Jet AI model, which the South Korean manufacturer said aims to provide “intelligent cleaning with the help of artificial intelligence.” I then wondered if Samsung, like others, hadn’t given in to the sirens of “IA washing”. A few days later, the company called me and offered to test this vacuum cleaner. “Why not?” I tell myself. It was an opportunity to see what AI would change for the vacuum cleaner.

Then I receive a huge box containing this popular vacuum cleaner. Its content is impressive: the machine is divided into several components, there are a large number of brushes, a base station, a base for charging two batteries and a brief user manual. I was able to install the device – it’s not complicated after all – and charge the battery. The vacuum cleaner has a small screen in which the language of the vacuum cleaner can be changed. It is not tangible but yes, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a screen, which allows choosing the type of aspiration, but also displays messages of encouragement to its owner, congratulating him for example for aspiration in an economical way…

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