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Russian Army: Vladimir Putin raises the minimum age to go to the front to 70

Russian Army: Vladimir Putin raises the minimum age to go to the front to 70

The Septuagint may soon find themselves at the fore in Ukraine, according to a series of laws adopted by Moscow.

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From now on, 70-year-old reservists who have developed within the Army as a general or who have held any other major position may have to come out of retirement to go and fight. The upper age limit was set at 65 before the new laws were passed.

Officers who held less important positions within the hierarchy could be conscripted up to the age of 65 instead of 60, while other reservists who completed their military service without receiving any particular distinction could be called up to the age of 55 instead of 45.

The heavy losses incurred by the Russian army, in addition to the aborted rebellion of the Wagner paramilitary group that took place last June, contributed to the weakening of the presence of Vladimir Putin’s forces in eastern Ukraine.

Russian media estimated the human losses at 47,000, while the Ukrainians, for their part, claimed that 240,000 enemy soldiers had died since the start of the conflict.

Thousands of men are said to have fled Russia to avoid mobilization.

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