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Russia announces naval exercises with China

Russia announces naval exercises with China

Russia announced, on Monday, that a number of its warships will participate in exercises with the Chinese Navy, starting this week, while Moscow and Beijing are strengthening their relations amid the conflict in Ukraine.

In a statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that these maneuvers will take place between December 21 and 27 in the East China Sea, and that training sailors in missile, artillery and anti-submarine warfare is included in the program.

“The main purpose of the exercises is to enhance maritime cooperation between Russia and China and maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region,” the ministry said.

According to this source, Russia will deploy the missile cruiser Varyag and frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, in addition to two corvettes.

For its part, according to the Russian Ministry, China will send two destroyers, two patrol boats, a supply ship and a diesel submarine.

The Russian ministry said that “aircraft and helicopters from the (Russian) Pacific Air Force and the Chinese Navy will be used during the exercises.

In recent months, Russia has sought to strengthen its relations with Asian countries, especially China, in the face of Western sanctions imposed on it in the wake of its attack on Ukraine.

Moscow and Beijing present themselves as a geopolitical counterweight to the United States and its allies.

In late November, Russia announced that a squadron of Russian and Chinese strategic bombers had conducted an air patrol over the Sea of ​​Japan and East China Sea.

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