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Rugby League - World Cup: Australia, obviously

Rugby League – World Cup: Australia, obviously

“En vert et contre nous” is the title of our article in our editions ahead of the start of the Rugby League World Cup. Yesterday, at Old Trafford, in front of 67,502 supporters, Mal Meninga’s Australian “green machine” defeated Samoa (30-10) to retain their world crown.

Manchester’s gloom failed to overshadow the film yesterday, which was presented to 64,000 supporters at the Theater of Dreams. This unprecedented World Cup final was matched by two semi-finals, with the Samoans ahead of England’s dream breakers. Brilliant. A real boost to surfing discipline during the event in an exceptional television audience.

The English, who may have seen themselves there before taking the last step, have the fans behind them, who, unfazed, push Do Samoa back.

It was a crazy final played yesterday, which started with no run-ins with no follow-up laps. Australian actor Russell Crowe and former majority shareholder of the South Sydney NRL franchise said: “ XIII is a Lord’s game played by gladiators.”. After this finale he needs to add and play by genius because the show was breathtaking.

Samoa started the finals without troubling the Kangaroos’ intelligent defense and narrowly won against the Kiwis in the semi-finals. But the Australians showed skill and precision.

Like this small team Nathan Cleary played for Lautrell Mitchell or this breakthrough from Josh Addo Carr for his captain James Tedesco (10-0). The articulate, strategist and sporting leader of the green and yellow, yesterday made his dream come true by stepping onto the turf of his favorite club and his favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo. After two Man U matches since the RLWC began, the world’s best scrum-half touched the stars in the middle of a theater of dreams.

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Samoa, at this level, do not lock the debates, realizing that behind the slightest mistake, there are points. The Louie-Milford couple bravely tried hard, but it didn’t work out. Unlike the Australians, the authors of more clinical and three tests in the first period (14-0).

Another highlight of the final was Kevin Sinfeld’s break from Charcot disease, completing seven marathons in seven days and raising over €1.7 million for the support fund of his former team-mate Rob Burrow.

Signed NC7

In the second half, the Kangaroos were reduced to twelve after a poor gesture by Angus Crichton from Chanel Harris-Davida, with Dylan May coming very close to scoring. Back up to score better? However, it is Josh Papali’s band’s desire to multiply assets. But again, “Nathan Cleary 7” comes out of the woodwork and sends Cameron Murray back (20-0) despite being inferior in numbers. 25 minutes from the end, the match was over. Brian Doe’s “blue” corner effort would not have changed anything for Stephen Crogdon, except to put the visitors behind Samoa on 80 minutes.

Australia continue to dominate Planet XIII and their performance in this World Cup is respectable.

Australia 30 Samoa……..10

In Manchester. Old Trafford.

Half time: 14-0.

Moderated by Mr. Klein.

67,502 visitors.

For Australia: 6 tries Mitchell (13, 79), Tedesco (17, 68), L. Martin (29), Murray (52), 3 changes Cleary (17, 52, 68).

For Samoa: 2 To’o Tests (61), S. Crichton (70), 1 S. Crichton Transformation (61).

Yellow Card: For Australia, A. Crichton (46).

Australia: Tedesco (C) – Holmes, Whitten, L. Mitchell, Addo-Carr – (O) Munster, (M) Cleary – Trbojevic, Hunt, Campbell-Gillard – L. Martin, A. Crichton – Yeo.

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Entered: Grant, Carrigan, Murray, Fasumaleui.

Samoa: Suaali’i – To’o, S. Crichton, Lafai, Ta. May – (o) Luai, (m) Milford – Hunt, Harris-Tavita, Ju. Paulo (c) – Sao, Su’a – A. Kaufusi.

Entered by: K. Tuilaki, Babali, Leniu, Taubayu.