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With Down Syndrome, Grace Castle diversifies children's fashion in the UK

With Down Syndrome, Grace Castle diversifies children’s fashion in the UK

Content – CBPS, Jedi Sports, River Island: The portfolio of 5-year-old Grace Castle is impressive. Diagnosed at birth Trisomy21The little girl is the new face of many major British brands.

“I’m so proud to see so many different people being represented and I think the media is making a big step forward,” said her mother, Linda. In the British newspaper Tunnel This Thursday, March 17. “We still have a long way to go to change what we normally think, but it’s refreshing to see brands becoming more inclusive and realistic in their approach,” he added.

The first photo shoot at the age of 3

The family originally belonged to Leeds and now live about 50 miles northeast of England. Fort Grace began to take a break two years ago. “When she was eight months old, we started searching support groups online to see what her condition was,” says Linda Castle. “We first met in Skandorf a group that did dance and drama for kids with learning difficulties, but later became a modeling agency and wanted to try it out a little more fun,” Grace’s mother continues.

His first photo session takes place for Botan and is a success: he ends up on the list of English clothing brands. During filming, Grace is comfortable with cameras and has fun.

“Friends of the support groups want to see her outside because everyone wants to see someone like her,” says Linda Casey. TunnelTestifies to the support his daughter receives.

Grace’s modeling journey does not seem to be coming to an end. Recently, the whole family went to Seville, Spain to take a photo with River Island. What all children dream of ..

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