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Rugby: Australia to test low tackles

Rugby: Australia to test low tackles

The Australian Rugby Union announced on Friday that it is considering lowering the height of tackles in an effort to reduce the risk of concussions among players.

Shoulder line is the permitted tackle height in rugby today. In Australia, from February, for two years, it will pass below the sternum at all levels below Super Rugby.

Trials of lower tackle heights have already taken place in France, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Preliminary data from South Africa showed a 30% reduction in concussions, while France recorded 64% fewer head-to-head contact, Rugby Australia reported.

Its chief executive Phil Walk emphasized that extensive research by the International Rugby Union also argued in favor of the measures.

It is obviously impossible to eliminate all risk from the game“Did he declare?”However, we strongly believe that promoting safe tackling techniques and reducing the risk of head contact and concussion will lead to an even safer sport.

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