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Robert Kennedy Jr., the annoying Democratic conspirator

Robert Kennedy Jr., the annoying Democratic conspirator

Just before traveling to the NATO summit, the president can cheer on the support of the progressive Democratic wing’s muse. Although she stressed that not everything was perfect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez renewed her support for Joe Biden.

Despite Democrats worrying behind the scenes about the president’s poor polls and voters’ persistent perceptions of his health, Biden had been navigating relatively calm waters before Robert Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy made waves.

Robert Kennedy Jr., funny Democrat

I specify from the start that Robert Kennedy Jr. will not be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 campaign. On the other hand, if he fails to unseat Biden, he may become the pebble in the shoe.

Aside from his past as an activist on environmental issues, there is almost nothing in Kennedy Jr.’s current statements that could justify his candidacy with the Democrats.

If I were even a bit of a conspirator, I would say it was Republicans or insane conservatives who pushed him into Biden’s hands. Various polls estimate his approval rating to be between 10% and 20%.

Kennedy Jr. boasts a legendary name, he’s eloquent and charismatic, and at 69 years old, he’s in fantastic shape. Despite the halo of Kennedy’s name, Biden’s rival is a confirmed conspirator.

Among the “theories” he defends are his criticisms of vaccination, the origins of AIDS, the reasons for the rise in the number of transgender people, censorship imposed on him by the FBI, the dangers of 5G towers, or the effects of wifi on the human mind.

You might actually think he’s campaigning alongside Donald Trump if you add that he opposes a ban on assault rifles, that he happens to endorse Russia’s Vladimir Putin or that he claims the US presidential election was rigged.

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Controversial and surprising support

When the son of the former US Attorney General announced his intention to confront Biden, I had to resist the temptation to remove him from control, his candidacy seemed devoid of substance.

Unlike other marginal candidates, Kennedy Jr. already has the financial backing that could allow him to hold out beyond the first primaries of 2024. If he succeeds, Joe Biden will have no choice but to face him in the debate.

Who could relate to such an inexperienced and conspiratorial candidate? We were able to establish a link between the Super PAC she supports and Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. The latter is very controversial and radical, but it knows how to generate large flows of money.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Kennedy Jr. has received a lot of support from Silicon Valley millionaires, including Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter). With these promoters, Kennedy will trouble Biden for a long time yet.