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Retaliation against abused elders in RPA operations

Retaliation against abused elders in RPA operations

Managers of private elderly care homes (RPAs) will not hesitate to take retaliatory action against elderly people who complained about cases of abuse, a researcher who has looked into the topic has discovered.

“[La maltraitance]“It manifests itself every day in many ways,” explained Melanie Couture, chair of research on elder abuse at the University of Sherbrooke.

I noticed that wrong medications were given, rather harsh care, the amount of treatment was not paid in the end, and mistreatment was felt through small gestures.

The researcher met 13 women and four men, aged on average 80, who told her stories of abuse that happened to them in RPAs located in the Longueuil urban area between 2020 and 2022.

Lack of listening

Among all these testimonies, M. said:I Fashion design was especially distinguished by its insensitivity to the statements of older people.

Photo courtesy of Michel Caron/Université de Sherbrooke

She particularly recalled a complaint made about a rug placed crookedly, posing a danger to people with mobility issues. Despite numerous warnings, nothing changed until one of the residents was injured after falling on the carpet.

The researcher pointed out, “It is not just that they do nothing, but in some cases, retaliation is taken against residents who filed complaints.”

Managers are said to have expelled seniors from their offices after complaints were made, prevented staff from speaking to residents or prohibited seniors from discussing these problems with each other so as not to create a collective effect.

In one of the most extreme cases, a man who filed a class action had his rent payment withheld so he could be evicted for nonpayment.

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M saysI sewing.

Law, but little evidence

The problem is not unknown in Quebec, which in April 2022 improved Law 6.3 on elder abuse in order to impose penalties in the event of situations of this kind, but also for reprisals.

“We need to see evidence of its application and scare the world into not behaving properly,” Mr. Hans emphasized.I sewing.

Having multiple service providers in each RPA can also provide more options if a service is not suitable for some seniors.

“The problem when you are in housing is that there is only one service provider. You have to move if you want to change the supplier,” explained the expert who has been working on this topic for about ten years.

Awareness tools must also be developed to assist Quebecers who find themselves in RPA.

“For housing that is doing well, those that are doing poorly give them bad media coverage and people are afraid to go to the housing,” she warned.