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Research at the Institut Pasteur de l'Isle becomes a "national priority"

Research at the Institut Pasteur de l’Isle becomes a “national priority”

LectophenePreviously prescribed to treat nasopharyngitis, could it also be effective against Covid-19? This is what the researchers at the Institut Pasteur de L’Isle, who have been studying this molecule, think for several months. Now remains to launch clinical trials … Also to speed up the process, Institut Pasteur de L’Isle has requested the National Steering Committee for Therapeutic Trials (CAPNET) to issue posters for “national research priority” studies with high potential impact. A poster just awarded, which would allow the Institut Pasteur de L’Isle to quickly enroll early patients into its study and measure the tolerability and efficacy of treatment on covid-19.

What drug was tested for? Since the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, last March, a research team has gathered researchers from several laboratories of the Pasteur de Lille Institute (CNRS, Inserm, Université De Lille, CHU de Lille and Apteeus start-ups specializing in drug repositioning) in the research About treatment against Covid-19. They are using a base of 2,000 molecules already in use for other diseases in order to identify those that might be able to provide an effective response against the virus. The goal was to search this chemical library for an effective drug against Covid-19.

And at the beginning of the summer (…)


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