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Sud Sarthe: LoirCowork coworking space celebrates two years | Mail

LoirCoWork co-working space opened in Loir-en-Vallée (Sarthe) in 2019 and is organizing an open virtual home to celebrate its two years. (© Archives Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo de la Vallée du Loir)

Two years already! The Tuesday 20 April 2021And the An arena for teamwork Located Lower-on-Valley, In South Sarth, LoirCoWork, Will be celebrating its two-year anniversary.

For the occasion, an almost day-long physical event is organized to discover Different occupations Members of the common workspace, the Enssop Training Center Which trains developers / programmers in addition to Mikbis, Which is a manufacturing workshop that includes various machines and tools.

everybody You can participate in this Online event : Loir-Lucé-Bercé professional, project leader, tech enthusiast, job seeker, high school student …

the program

10:30 AM. to me 11 hours 30 : Show MySpace Visio.

The workspace is a third place of a kind Manufacturing workshop, Is open to the public and provides automated tools usually reserved for professionals for the purpose of rapid prototyping or small-scale production.

Cast: Frank Froger, Usitech Director, Stefan Simon, Director of SDTronic, Charlotte Mugiot, Co-founder of Yellow Kitchen.

Registration link: https: //

2 pm until 3:30 pm : Display a character Loircowork members Visio. Testimonials from some business leaders and remote work employees hosted on Loircowork.

Cast: Jeremy Geiber, Video Artist and Photographer – F3aProduction, Sylvain Bedier, SEO Expert – WSD, Léa Furio, Director of Strategic Planning – Havas France, Laurence Fabrégat, Co-Founder – éOPP.

Registration link: https: //

16 hours ? 17 hours : Show Form an ENSSOP Visio.

ENSSOP (The Open and Popular South Sarth Digital Ecosystem) is a training center that trains individuals for the development / coder profession.

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Cast: Aurore Morin, former ENSSOP director and student.

Registration link: https: //

All registrations can also be made in or https: //