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Renault Muselier, re-elected in Baca, promises to provide "room for expression" to the left

Renault Muselier, re-elected in Baca, promises to provide “room for expression” to the left

« This campaign was two months from hell! Cross stations. It is an understatement to say that Renault Muselier is comfortable. It’s just after nine in the evening at his country headquarters and jubilation reigns. The outgoing Republicans were re-elected at the head of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, with a comfortable lead – he is credited with about 57% against 43% for his opponent, invested by the National Rally, Thierry Mariani.

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Despite low participation — 64% abstentions — this 62-year-old doctor has been comfortable in his chair for six years. ” Three weeks ago, we were not sure we would get such a result. ’’ smiles the activist, Guy, who hugs his wife warmly. Like him, Frédéric, who is engaged to Renault Muselier, does not hide that she has ” He had doubts. The relief became more palpable that the exit campaign had a very poor start.

His entry into the candidacy with members of the presidential majority infuriated the right wing of his electorate and undoubtedly caused the loss of valuable votes in the first round, particularly within the popular right from which Thierry Mariani came. “As soon as you step out of your line you are a traitor and you walked out of my line and opened my arms! », Answers by Renaud Muselier.

“Our list was defeated by an entire alliance system.”

In Thierry Mariani, the defector from the LR invested by the National Rally, very rare activists gather in the Marseille Congress Centre. Their candidate is slow-talking and his supporters look grim: “Our list was defeated by an entire alliance system.”He leaves, his face closed. denounces the elections “Sometimes in defiance of the rules of democracy”.

On the other hand, Renaud Muselier says he is glad that his area – whose residents were “ Examined, dissected and analyzed – Don’t become “Lab” From the far right: We were promised the fate of guinea pigs, we decided to be a free zone منطقة ».

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The outgoing said in his victory speech: “We have taken our fate into our own hands outside the political apparatus.” He welcomed the union’s withdrawal from the list of environmentalists and the left, which withdrew to allow a republican front. “This victory is the victory of everyone who went to vote above their affiliation.”He started by thanking Jean-Laurent Vélizia (EELV) and his constituents.

Nasr honors him as much as he needs

to these political forces that will not be present in the circulation but” who decided to file a joint case against RN “, Prepare” A space for expression, thought and action With the establishment of a “representative committee of the environmental and social grouping”. A body that will allow about twenty members from the lists of the Environmental and Social Assembly (EELV, PS, PC, Génération.s…) to meet before each General Assembly and to develop deliberations, wishes or suggestions which will then be carried out in session by a member elected from the majority.

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“It’s a solemn obligation in honor,” Renault Muselier said. Remembering that this victory “In the spirit of the wide gathering” Honor him as much as I commanded him.