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Dobbs.  Mass between Maîche and Sancey-Belleherbe: shadow of a delta variable

Dobbs. Mass between Maîche and Sancey-Belleherbe: shadow of a delta variable

After discovering the mass in an area Bretonvillers, The Bourgogne Franche-Comté Regional Health Agency (ARS) has asked the Civil Protection to carry out tests for the population of this geographical area.

L452R . mutation

In particular, a marquee was installed on the Place de Saint-Hippolyte. About ten members of the civil protection, including young people who were performing their civil service, were present. However, the crowd did not hurry to take the test.

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The authorities decided to put in place these specific screening and vaccination procedures after identifying a cohort of 7 cases of Covid with the discovery of the L452R mutation that could evoke a delta variant.

This Monday, “The ARS and the state of the department in particular call residents of the municipal communities of Mache and Sancey-Belleherbe for testing and vaccination, without delay,” notes a press release.

In mid-June, a group of 13 cases tested positive for the Indian variant identified with Morez (Jura), remember.

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