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La sonde chinoise Tianwen-1 vient de renvoyer une magnifique image de Phobos, la plus grande des deux lunes de Mars. © CNSA

Chinese space probe pictures of the largest moon on Mars

Tianwen-1It is the first space probe sent to Mars by the China National Space Administration (CNSA). entrance to orbiting in February 2021. And she just produced an amazing photo of PhobosThe Mars’ largest moon.

The image was captured just in time, about 5,100 kilometers from the surface of this 27-kilometer natural satellite. in his ‘case full moon It reveals many craters on its surface with a PrecisionAn area of ​​up to 50 square metres pixels. We discover in particular the Öpik crater, which has a diameter of about 2 kilometers. As a bonus, there are some grooves too.

Another success is attributed to an already occupied Chinese mission. Because we remember that the main task of Tianwen-1 was to take medium-resolution photos of the whole red planet. This was achieved a few weeks ago. The The rover landed on the surface of MarsAnd the Zurong will resume his surface exploration afterwinterMartian.

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