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REM de l'Est diverted on a railroad right located in Mercier

REM de l’Est diverted on a railroad right located in Mercier

According to project officials, This adjustment of the route over a span of more than 4.5 kilometers will make it possible to respond to one of the main issues that were identified during public consultations.

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The modified portion of the REM de l’Est route is shown in yellow on the map.

Photo: Radio-Canada/CDPQ Infra

This re-routing, made possible by an agreement to purchase part of the Solini Railroad from Canadian citizens, will make it possible, in addition to avoiding the construction of a raised structure on this commercial portion of Sherbrooke Est, to bring REM closer to a A large population gathering away from the metro green line.

« This new solution responds to the concerns raised, and also provides an opportunity to better serve the residents of Tétreaultville, who currently do not have access to adequate public transportation. »

Quote from Christian Ducharme, Vice President of Engineering, CDPQ Infra

This alteration of the route constitutes, according to the promoter, an effective solution to maintain the visual aspect and flow of traffic in the commercial part of Sherbrooke East.

But you should know that REM tracks will remain at the top even if they are using the rail right of way. So walkways 10 to 12 meters (33 to 39 feet) high will be built in this area surrounded by apartment buildings. CN trains will also be able to continue to operate on rails already on the ground, says Christian Ducharme, vice president of engineering, CDPQ Infra.

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That is why the arrival of REM in this new corridor will be accompanied by A discussion period with stakeholders and citizens to present the new solution to them, answer their questions and discuss their vision for this part of the processCDPQ Infra, confirm.

« We are constantly evaluating all options to make this project accredited by the communities it serves, while maintaining its technical and financial viability. »

Quote from Christian Ducharme, Vice President of Engineering, CDPQ Infra

Note that the REM de l’Est . project It raises a lot of concerns Among the residents of the areas you will pass through. They fear the potential noise and visual pollution of concrete duct construction and electrical systems that will stretch for miles into populated areas.

According to CDPQ Infra, the use of this rail right of way will result in Approximately 50% of the part of the REM de l’Est road that is on private or underground rights of way.

Valerie Blunt says it’s a step in the right direction

The announcement was well received in City Hall, where Mayor Valérie Plante spoke of a Not in the right direction who fits with Winning the conditions set by the city of Montreal for the success of the project.

It is clear that the road through Souligny Avenue will also pose challenges to urban integration for which the best solutions must be found. We will continue to work collaboratively with the town and the CDPQ to identify appropriate solutions.Mrs. Blunt added.

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Since its launch in December 2020, many changes have been made to REM de l’Est, including the addition of Underground section in North Montreal and one Tunnel section in the city centerAs well as developing an underground rear station.

Eastern Reem Road Map.Zoom in the image (A new window)

Changes made to the REM de l’Est track since December 2020.

Photo: Radio-Canada/CDPQ Infra

Three main irritants

For the infrastructure company of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, 2021 was a General listening, counseling and analysis. CDPQ Infra officials explain that three key elements for improvement have been identified, namely the passage of an airframe in the heart of downtown Montreal, the passage of tracks near Morgan Park and the boardwalk on the Sherbrooke East commercial artery.

The proposed change of route across the right-of-way for the Solini Railway, according to CDPQ Infra, constitutes a concrete solution to one of these three irritants.

The REM project promoter adds that similar steps are underway to find a solution at Morgan Park. For the city center, the approach is more complex, due to the large visual impact of the structure and It is impossible to build it underground.

The first part of the solution was determined in the fall, with part of the road buried. After receiving the report from the panel of independent experts, the presentation of the architectural vision and urban integration will also make it possible to provide general details of the improvements made by the architects to the project in collaboration with the experts. The architectural proposal will then be the subject of a new phase of discussions with residents and stakeholders.-Can we read in the documents provided by CDPQ Infra.

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REM de l’Est, whose development requires 32 kilometers of dual tracks and 23 stations, must guarantee more than 130,000 trips per day between East Montreal, North Montreal and downtown.

The $10 billion project, which is still in the planning stage, must get several green lights before moving on to the construction stage, notably the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE). Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, with entry into service in 2029.