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James William Awad: "It was just a show"

James William Awad: “It was just a show”

James William Awad’s solo press conference caused many troubles for all communications experts in crisis management.

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“A surreal term is good because it defies all codes, it does everything it shouldn’t if advised to do so. It makes you wonder if it’s not doing the opposite of what it should be doing on purpose,” explains Anne Florence Breuyard, Director General of Breuer Communications.

The steps chosen by Mr. Awad make the specialist jump, especially with the arrival of the flags and the businessman descending the stairs of the building.

His letter begins to accuse a third party, which is not really recommended in crisis communication. Later, before making excuses that will come a little later and that are too weak, he records an event for his company, which makes less sense,” says Ms Brouillard.

According to the specialist, James William Awad is doing his best to draw attention to him. Some of his colleagues have even compared the saga about him to a reality show.

“We’ve all fallen off our chairs. We’ve all been amazed at how far this has gone too. It sure makes a good ‘show’ and we’re paying attention too, fueling the wave,” says Brouillard Communications Director.

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