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Queen Elizabeth II is resting for two more weeks

Queen Elizabeth II is resting for two more weeks

The British monarch’s doctors have advised him to rest for the next fortnight, the Royal Palace said on Friday.

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Buckingham Palace announced on Friday (October 29) that Queen Elizabeth II, who had to cancel her trip to COP26 in Glasgow, would have to rest for at least two weeks on the advice of doctors. The 95-year-old sovereign, who spent a night in the hospital nine days ago, can still carry on though. “Easier Tasks”, But should drop any official trip for this period.

No details were given about his condition and the tests taken while he was admitted to the hospital. He maintained some engagement from Windsor Castle near London through a video conference like the Gold Medal for presenting poetry to English poet David Constantine on Thursday, where a short video showed him smiling and relaxing.

After the start of a busy month, the oldest active monarch canceled “With regret” Two trips, one to Northern Ireland and the other to COP26, always on the advice of his doctors.

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