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Quebec, the city of gourmet: restaurants to discover during the holidays

Quebec, the city of gourmet: restaurants to discover during the holidays

The Eid holiday is quickly approaching. Why not use this time to try something new? In my final article for 2023, I present to you three restaurants that have opened in recent weeks. To try with friends or family!

Surfing kingdom

The Blanchett Morency Group, which owns dozens of restaurants in the area (Au Petit Chalet, Shaker, Sushi X, Tartar, and Bouquet), has added a new chain to its bow with Steak Avenue. “We always told ourselves that the ultimate goal was to have a steakhouse. In our catering offering, it will be the little jewel of our collection,” explains Pierre-Antoine Morency, co-owner with Vincent Blanchet.

The co-owners saw their venture come to fruition faster than expected when Houston’s LeBorgneuf closed its doors in mid-August. They bought the company and quickly worked on a new concept. The restaurant, open since the beginning of the month, clearly focuses on high-quality grilled meat, but also on seafood presented in a very beautiful way in an ice bar installed in plain sight in the center of the restaurant.

Seafood bar on ice.

Photo courtesy of Steak Avenue.

“It’s a key element of the concept. We’re reaching other customers, who maybe want less steak than the other people at their table,” adds Mr. Morency, who is already thinking about opening other branches, especially in Old Quebec.

I really loved the freshness of the seafood and the flawless cooking of the New York steak I chose. I was more tempted by the Yukon Gold mash with roasted garlic on the side for its creaminess than the flavourless fries.

To discover with friends or co-workers.

5700 urine. Exhibitions
Open every evening and lunchtime during the week (except 24-25 December and 1any January)

Bossini enters

Portofino in Sainte-Foy has just changed its identity to… kiss Me. It was the Blanchette Morency group that decided to give this brand a facelift to differentiate it from its Old Quebec cousin.

“Portofino Sainte-Foy has been there for 10 years and we wanted to give it a touch of renewal,” says Pierre-Antoine Morency.

Quebec, the city of gourmet: restaurants to discover during the holidays

A plate of arrabbiata pasta.

Image taken from Bossini Facebook

The menu remains similar with classic Italian dishes (pasta, pizza, tartar), but oysters are now served year-round, as well as fresh lobster from an aquarium. Lunches will also be added soon as well as a private lounge downstairs that accommodates children. “We want to diversify our offerings to reach families and young people more,” says the president, who wants to make the chain new.

965 Church Road
Open every evening (except December 24-25 and 1any January)

The new king of pizza

Tonino’s chef told me in September that he was preparing a new gastronomic project. Well, it’s done now! Anthony Travaglini works passionately in his brand new kitchen Tonino’s Pizza and Gastronomica. Neapolitan pizza made with high quality ingredients is simply exceptional.

Quebec, the city of gourmet: restaurants to discover during the holidays

Pizza from Tonino.

Image taken from Tonino Pizza & Gastronomica Facebook site

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I warned you that this could quickly become your favorite pizzeria! The counter offers take-out or delivery service, as well as a small number of seats. The small grocery section also offers carefully selected fine Italian products.

1971, rue de Bergerville
Open Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 9pm.

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