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Qualifiers: Haiti v Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Grenadier assisted, with Rosilor Borghella, a quadruple composer, 11 goals to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines As part of their second match of the Women’s World Cup Qualifiers, CONCACAF Region.

The second match, the second offensive feast of the Haitians who dispersed in the Saint Vincentes defense, was overshadowed by events.

after Honduras rolled (6-0) On February 17, Grenadier was even sharper on Sunday against the selection of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as they scored 11 goals at the Antonio Maceio Stadium in Santiago de Cuba.with a quartet of strong striker Rosilor Borghella.

Issy FF striker opened the valve at 20And the Minutes of play on serve from Pierre Milan. And it was Borghella again who put an end to the rain of goals in the 1990s, and not before he scored two more goals in the meantime (51And the and 76And the ) to finish the classification of the scorers of the match.

“Haiti showed its talent for recording”, CONCACAF writesWelcome to the quadruple pass of striker Borghella and the remarkable weakness of Milan-Pierre which has allowed Haiti to impose itself to a large extent against its opponent.

Also note the lavish goal of Roslyn Eloisant who was celebrating her birthday. The Nantes midfielder, Shirley Goudi alerted him at the expense of the Vincentas defender before he bludgeoned the goalkeeper. A convincing goal and victory to celebrate his birthday. The party was joined by Keithna Lewis, Shirley Judy, Maudeline Morell and Chelsea Surprise, all with a purpose.

The next Nicholas Delbin sponsorship meeting is scheduled for April 9 against the Virgin Islands. The Grenadier will conclude the play-off against the Cuban national team on April 12th.

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Remember that these 2023 Women’s World Cup qualifiers, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand, are just qualifying qualifiers for the first edition of the Gold Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.