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Housing fraud: 'I put my feet on the brakes just in time'

Housing fraud: ‘I put my feet on the brakes just in time’

A young woman narrowly avoided falling into the trap of scammers who tried to deceive her while she was looking for housing.

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Fanny Leblanc thought she had found the perfect apartment in Terrebonne. But after several exchanges and insistence from the alleged owner, she changed her mind.

“They sent me a nice letter, I did well, and it was well written. It was basically persuasive. Let’s say it doesn’t look junk,” she explains in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

But at the insistence of the owner, I questioned things.

“I put my foot on the brake just in time. It really started to get pretty fishy. And here it is, give me your location, go ahead and do the transfer and send me a picture.”

Although she has avoided the worst, Fanny LeBlanc fears that other people in urgent need of finding new housing will fall into the trap.

“People who can be more desperate than us, when you have to find accommodation and you have five days to find accommodation before moving in, I would have been scammed,” she says.

In the midst of a housing crisis, scammers compete in their imaginations to corner people looking for a new home.

According to information from Véronique Dubé

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