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Prostate cancer: Exercise can relieve one of the ‘most devastating’ symptoms of treatment.

Prostate cancer: Exercise can relieve one of the ‘most devastating’ symptoms of treatment.

A study conducted in Australia looked at the positive effects of exercise on symptoms associated with prostate cancer treatment. Researchers reveal that physical activity will be particularly effective against sexual disorders.

Every year in France 55 thousand new cases Prostate cancer It has been detected. What makes it cancer? Most common among men.

A team of researchers thinks they’ve found a way reduce of side effects Caused by intensive treatments, according to a press release published on August 29 on the website Eurekalert. This method is just that Physical activity.

Today’s scientific research from Edith Cowan University, located in Perth in Australia – don’t have any results presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Breakthrough Meeting in Japan on Tuesday – the sport will be available for use The patients.

When people with this condition undergo long sessions of… Radiotherapy External and hormonal treatmentMany side effects may appear. Among them regularly…impotence. But with regular physical activity, researchers noticed a decrease in this unwanted effect “Severe”.

Convincing results

The study took place over four years. The research team formed a committee of 100 people, who were divided into three groups. the first She did a programme aerobic lessons, While the second was associated with this physical activity Sexual psychotherapy (Sexual function on a physiological and anatomical basis). The third group received Classic treatment without exercise.

Result: I watched the first set Increases its erectile functions 5.1 points versus just 1 point for men who followed the classic program.

“An integral part of treatment”

According to Professor Daniel Galvão, Director of the Electronic Control Unit Exercise Medicine Research Institute (EMRI) and Teacher Main point of study: Impotence It is a common, annoying and persistent side effect of prostate cancer treatment, and has both physical and psychological effects.

The study report explained that physical exercise can contribute to the formation of protein Fight cancer. What’s called Myokines act directly on… “wipe up Tumor growth. This is even in patients with stage tumors “Progressing”. For the teacher, “This is just the latest evidence to show that exercise should be considered an integral part of treatment Prostate cancer“. So, to overcome this inconvenience “These patients can immediately benefit from supervised exercise to improve their sexual health.”” declared the man of science.

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If the study shows Encouraging resultsProfessor Galvão remains cautious and recommends doing so More research.

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