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New regulations for operating drones in public places in Rimouski

New regulations for operating drones in public places in Rimouski

People who wish to obtain permission to take off or land on a green space or other public space in Rimouski must apply online at the city’s website. It is Transport Canada that governs the regulations regarding the operation of drones in the airspace.

Operation of drones remains under federal jurisdictionexplains Sara Leblond, Head of Communications and Citizen Relations for the City of Rimouski. What we come here for is to ensure that people who want to take off or land a drone in a public place do so in full compliance with Transport Canada standards, but also by providing proof of liability insurance to prevent the safety of citizens in public places.

The new bylaws were approved for this purpose during the Municipal Council meeting on 4 July. Thus, the city of Rimouski is following the example of other municipalities in the county that have adopted such regulations, explains Ms. Leblond.

She adds that the majority of drone operators in the city already respect the regulations associated with operating drones, and that the new regulation is primarily a precautionary measure.

However, the new regulations are received rather coldly by Sébastien Boulay, an amateur aerial photographer. He fears the city’s citizens will grow intolerant of drone operators like himself.

Aerial photographers like Sébastien Polay use drones to capture landscapes of the Basse Saint Laurent, such as here over one of the lakes of Mont Comé.

Photo credit: Sébastien Boulay

People will come to see us and say, “You don’t have the right to take off from there.”he worries, remembers bad experiences.

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The drone operator wants to reassure citizens who may be disturbed by the presence of drones. For people who fear for their privacy, we usually use wide angle lenses for landscapesHe said. The remote control must always “see” the drone, we can’t have buildings and mountains [entre les deux]And [sinon] interrupts the signal.

We are spoiled in the Rimouski area, we have snowboarders and boatershe exclaimed eagerly.

For us, that won’t change muchHe adds regarding the new regulations. This will not stop us from continuing hobby.