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Pleasure – Théâtre Espace Coluche is now called … Théâtre Coluche

It’s a very slight modification that wants to be a symbol of a new stage of hedonistic culture in this place. During the May 26 meeting, the municipal council voted to change the name of Théâtre Espace Coluche (Tec), which became Théâtre Coluche.

“Historically, the Espace Colucci theater wanted to be a multi-venue that would bring together different cultural spaces,” said Jeannette Farrow, elected representative of cultural events, explaining that this was a request from the new director of the venue. Today, the community’s ambition is to make it a venue for the performing arts that should be able to show a strong identity alongside other cultural structures in the city. “

Show a strong identity.

This name change should enable the revitalization of the cultural place, after a year of an epidemic that prevented culture from expressing itself. In response to the opposition’s questioning, the Mayor of Plesser, Josephine Colemansberger (LR), specified that this change would not entail “extra costs”, and that “it would not be necessary to change the facade” of the theatre, wanting to “make it a more open place, with more repetition and not Only during the moments of the scene.”

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