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Pigs attack vacationers and eat their dogs

Pigs attack vacationers and eat their dogs

A French couple spent an agonizing vacation in Corsica, where they were attacked by a mob of pigs who had devoured one of their dogs, according to Cors-Matin.

The two 60-year-olds were walking their two dogs in the Col de Sievé area when they saw several pigs that appeared to be wandering. The man and woman then decided to keep their dogs on a leash to avoid any altercation with wild animals.

Unfortunately for them, about twenty pigs ended up around the vacationers and their canine companions. Sensing that the monsters seemed to want to attack the dogs, the Sixties raised their pets at arm’s length to keep them away from the pigs.

However, they rushed towards the pair, competing for the man and woman who eventually fell while escaping from their dogs.

One of them, a Yorkshire, managed to escape, but the other, a Chihuahua named Chica, was immediately devoured by the animals, under the terrified gaze of the couple.

The vacationers were taken to a hospital center to treat their multiple injuries. They also received a tetanus booster injection as well as antibiotics.

Unsurprisingly, the shaky couple ended their vacation prematurely and returned to their home in Toulouse.

The two men asked relevant authorities to put up signs on the road to warn people about the possibility of wild boars. Their request was answered quickly, as the paintings were ordered a few days after this incident.