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Pictures | 500 pounds of pasta and spaghetti dumped in the woods

Mysterious mountains of macaroni and pasta have been discovered in a forest in New Jersey, USA.

Nina Guschnowitz sits on the Oldbridge town council, whose forests have been under attack by the macaroni tide. The origin of pasta is still a mystery.

Facebook | Nina Guschnowitz

The politician posted pictures of the scene on her Facebook page on April 28, thanking the municipality for cleaning up “the entire river basin”.

She did, however, criticize the mayor, saying he had ignored the situation, reports CBS News.

Although the attitude of some people, who treat forests and green spaces like giant open dumps, saddens most people, some found a touch of humor in this strange discovery.

Facebook | Nina Guschnowitz

Ms. Gusnowitz described the same situation as “Mission Impossible,” a reference to the “Mission: Impossible” series of films.

In a Reddit thread, several people shared pasta, CBS News reports.

Facebook | Nina Guschnowitz

One of them joked, “We should send the perpetrators to a temporary prison.”

Another commented, “The main suspect is a man called Al Dente.”

Facebook | Nina Guschnowitz

CBS News has contacted Old Bridge’s mayor, city council, police and public works department for more information and is awaiting a response.

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