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Montreal Road Network | The biggest slice of the aging infrastructure pie

On Thursday, Quebec will confirm investments of more than $1.2 billion over the next two years to “improve the condition” of about three dozen major road infrastructures in Greater Montreal. In Laval, the government will provide 344 million.

That’s what the Department of Transportation and Sustainable Mobility (MTMD) will reveal primarily on Thursday, in “Traditional Programming for Road Investments 2023-2025,” which is published each year.

In the Montreal First area, the total budget is close to $1.3 billion, of which more than $1.2 billion will be invested to repair aging infrastructure, such as the concrete sidewalk of Autoroute 40 in the east, between Morgan and Saint-Charles Boulevards, or the overpass of Interstate 520, Above Hickmore Street.

The vast construction sites still in progress for the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel, the Île-aux-Tourtes bridge, the Pie-IX bridge or even the Viger and Ville-Marie tunnels, are also planned in this envelope of 1.2 billion. In total, it covers 28 projects in the city.

For the remainder, Quebec will also invest $36.8 million to improve the condition of some roads, as well as extend $15.7 million to “follow up” various recommendations from the coroner’s office.

The ministry indicates that in 2022 it finished repairing several bridges, including the first bridgeDr Avenue over Interstate 20, Boulevard de la Cote-Veretue over Interstate 40 and Interstate 520 over Interstate 55H avi.

344 million Laval

And in the north, the Laval region specifically will receive $343.8 million, including $139 million to “improve roads,” $51.5 million for infrastructure and $139 million to “follow up,” again, the various recommendations of the Coroner’s Office.

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Among the priority projects we note for example the paving of Highway 13, heading north, between the Louis-Bisson and Vachon bridges, or the construction of an overpass at the intersection of Highways 440 and 15. The paving of Highway 440, between Route 117 and Francis Hughes Street, It is also scheduled for the next two years.

Note: the construction of Highway 19, between Laval and Bois des Villion, whose current project is being criticized by the city of Bois de Villion – the latter fearing it could see its city “cut in two” by the height of the bridge – is also included in the program of road projects between now and 2025.

MTMD also reiterates that last year it completed the repair and paving of the Gédéon-Ouimet Bridge (Highway 15), over the Rivière des Mille-les, in both Laval and Boisbriand.

” [Ce soutien] It will enable us to carry out many of the expected infrastructure projects, and reduce the shortfall in the maintenance of our road assets: Laval will come out on top,” said the Minister responsible for Laval, Christopher Skate, in a written statement.