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Physics Night in Grenoble: When science decodes sports |  Echo sciences

Physics Night in Grenoble: When science decodes sports | Echo sciences

Over the course of an entire evening, come and discover what physics teaches us about sports

This year, Nuit de la Physique puts sports in the spotlight!

On the initiative of French Physical SocietyIn cooperation with the research group CNRS Sports and Physical Activitysupported by teams Can opener And based on UFR FITMThis event offers a rich program prepared by researchers.

Throughout the evening, you can move between exhibitions, conferences, films and meetings with scientists.

From 5:30 pm to 8 pm

Small gallery” Sports and science, unity is strength »

The “Sports and Science, Unity is Strength” exhibition highlights the research carried out to help athletes improve their actions and performance, develop innovations, but also to measure the effects of activity and physical health on our health and combat discrimination. These are 20 science topics put into pictures to see sports and science differently.

From 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm

Mini movies: Physical principles tested by sport

In most sporting disciplines, performance is based on a few milliseconds or a few millimetres. Combined with intense training, studying the physical laws behind biomechanics allows athletes to improve.
Viewing these lesson films allows you to explore sports from another point of view, that of physics. In the presence of scientists to learn more about principles such as force, balance, mobility, leverage…

At 6pm and 7pm

Mini conferences: Climb higher, climb faster

How to design a 3D sports body on the climbing wall?

This is the challenge taken up by a team of scientists from INRIA and the GIPSA-Lab in Grenoble, with the participation of Anouk Joubert, gold medalist in speed climbing at the 2018 Climbing World Cup, in collaboration with the French Mountaineering and Climbing Association. Federation (FFME).

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Lionel Revretthe INRIA researcher will describe his work capturing the gesture and analyzing the climber's movement, in other words the climber's kinematics.

Frank Quinna researcher at GIPSA-Lab, has a biomechanical approach and uses a connected climbing wall to analyze support forces, in other words, the climber's kinematics.

From 8 pm to 9 pm.

Call with National Physics Night

Everywhere in France, physics is celebrated on the same evening with the same theme. Broadcast of the award ceremony for the “Physics and Mathematics” competitions.

Free when booking: Online tickets