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Photos |  Iran launches the “life capsule” into space

Photos | Iran launches the “life capsule” into space

Iran announced on Wednesday that it had successfully launched a “life capsule” into space, a new step in the ambitious space program developed by the Islamic Republic despite concerns from Western countries about its goals.

“After a decade of downtime, our country’s new life capsule was successfully launched at an altitude of 130 kilometers by a locally made launch pad,” Communications Minister Isa Zaripur was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

This 500-kilogram capsule was transported by a new generation launch platform called “Salman,” which is being developed with the aim of sending astronauts into space.

Iran launched its first “life capsule” in 2010 with live animals on board – a mouse, two turtles and an earthworm. He then sent a monkey into space in 2013, which came back alive.

Iran has witnessed several failures in launching satellites due to technical problems.

But on September 27, the Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic Republic’s ideological army, announced that it had placed an imaging satellite, Noor-3, into orbit 450 kilometers above Earth.

Tehran insists that its air activities are peaceful and comply with a UN Security Council resolution.

But Western governments fear that Iran’s satellite launch systems include technologies interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, something Iran has always denied it wants to build.

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