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Kevin McCarthy announces that he will leave the US Congress

Kevin McCarthy announces that he will leave the US Congress

Former Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, who will go down in history as the only speaker ever impeached, announced Wednesday that he will leave Congress in the coming weeks.

β€œI have decided to leave the House of Representatives at the end of this year to serve America in another way. I know my work has only just begun,” he wrote in a Wall Street Journal column defending his record in the corridors of power.

His departure will reduce the narrow Republican majority in the House of Representatives, after the expulsion of his party member, Jorge Santos, last week.

“I will continue to recruit our country’s best and brightest to run for office. The Republican Party is growing bigger every day, and I am committed to putting my experience into action for the next generation of leaders,” added Mr. McCarthy, who was elected to Congress 17 years ago.

β€œTo everyone who has supported me over the years (…), thank you from the bottom of my heart. We did our part of the job. When the stakes were highest, we rose to the challenge. We were willing to risk everything (…) no matter what.” It was a personal cost. β€œQuite simply, we did the right thing,” he said in a video on X (formerly Twitter).

In October, McCarthy (58 years old) fell from his seat, orchestrated by a group of Trump supporters from his camp.

The members of this clan had done everything they could to prevent him from becoming a ‘speaker’ nine months ago. The elected official from California ran 15 rounds, and swallowed more than one snake, to finally be elected to the position.

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