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[PHOTOS] From Marilope Wolf to Ludivine Reading: local stars on holiday in the sun

[PHOTOS] From Marilope Wolf to Ludivine Reading: local stars on holiday in the sun

What's better than relaxing in the sun after the craziness of the holidays? Many local stars have traveled to sunny destinations before heading into 2024. Here are their cutest photos that they shared on Instagram.

Marilope Wolf

“A little sunshine today!!! 🌴☀️ Cheers! 🍹,” wrote the director, who is smoothing things out in Curacao with her two sons.

Etienne Boulay and Mayka Desnoyers

“Vacation ☀️🌴.” The famous couple is enjoying the sun with their family!

Chantal Lacroix

The famous host is having a great time in Florida with her family. “Eternity is the sea mixed with the sun. A moment of great happiness today my daughter and her friend Mia running towards the sunset. 🥲🥰,” she wrote. Touching!

Debbie Lynch White

The actress spent a week in Mexico with her ex-partner and several friends! “A week planned to celebrate its 30th anniversary @gallantma12 Which eventually became, as a joke, our divorce party! We celebrated this extraordinary woman, surrounded by the friends we love. Also a beautiful way for me to conclude this chapter with joy (and also with some tears!) This chapter of 8 years of love, of ups and downs with someone who taught me to respect myself, to set my boundaries, and who taught me that I had value and that I also had the right to be Lovely. I'm not the same in many ways thanks to you @gallantma12. You will always be family. 💙»

Kim Rask

The host shared a beautiful snapshot from her vacation in Playa del Carmen!

Ludivine Reading

The actress shared several photos in The Sun, including a minor mishap at the end of the carousel. Oh!

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Jean-Michel Dufau

The host and columnist chose Mexico! For several days, Jean-Michel Dufau has been sharing amazing photos and videos on his Instagram account. What a dream!