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Perry UQAM Waterproofing |  A major new building site in the village

Perry UQAM Waterproofing | A major new building site in the village

The East Village, an already devastated area, is not done with major projects: the Montreal Transit Corporation (STM) will excavate a large portion of Emilie-Gamelin Park and the surrounding streets to isolate the Berry-Gamelin station.

This work, which promises to cause headaches in the neighbourhood, will constitute the second phase of the project responsible for the current closure of Boulevard De Maisonneuve.

“Implementing the work requires excavations in the open air to reach the station’s roof and be able to replace it [la] “A membrane whose mission is to prevent water leakage into the metro,” indicates an invitation to tender document recently published by STM. The membrane, which is in poor condition, dates back to the construction of the metro in 1966.

This document indicates that the work is planned for the period 2024-2025. In an email, the organization indicated that the site would eventually open “no earlier than 2025.”

“Taking on a project of this large scale located in such a sensitive sector of the city inevitably has impacts on local residents and we are well aware of that,” STM spokeswoman Justine Lord Dufour noted via email.

For this reason, the project was designed and planned in several subsequent phases, in order to mitigate the impacts on the sector and customers.

Justin Lord Dufour, STM Spokesperson, on the subject of Transportation Hub

MI Lord Dufour stressed that this project has been the subject of communications since 2019, especially with “housing organisations”.

This work should help reduce the numerous water leaks affecting the “busiest station on the network”. The City of Montreal will seize the opportunity to expand bike paths on Berry Street and Avenue de Maisonneuve, add more than 100 trees and implement the “reassessment of Place Emilie-Gamelin.”

Photo by Martin Chamberland, LA Presse Archives

This work should help reduce the many water leaks at the Berri-UQAM plant. Above, water damage in 2016.

On bias

bid document that he consulted Journalism It also evokes other real estate projects that are unknown or unknown to STM.

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The most important: the Oriental Transport Centre, a massive bus garage planned on land purchased at the corner of Soligny and Dixon streets in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The project was scheduled to start in 2020 and receive its first buses this year. The expected bill: 370 million.

“STM acquired a site of more than 50,000 square meters in eastern Montreal, after a feasibility study, with the aim of building the Eastern Transportation Centre,” the document notes. . The project is currently awaiting funding. »

Via email, STM specified that “the overall project timeline remains to be determined, and in particular needs to be taken into account [des] Electricity needs and centers to be converted as a priority. All in the context of where [les] Operational needs are also changing, especially depending on the traffic expected in the coming years.

There are currently no plans for this transportation hub to be underground.

Justin Lord Dufour, STM spokesperson, about the transportation hub

STM’s latest project of its kind, the Bellechasse Transport Centre, is facing significant cost and schedule overruns because it is being built partly underground, a far more complex and expensive task than expected.

A call for bids detailing these projects will be used to find a specialist risk management company. STM provides these statuses to potential bidders to inform them of the type of files they will have to analyse.

Ventilation, elevators and electricity

Small projects are also included. In particular, the organization intends to build a new mechanical ventilation station on the territory of the Jean Mance residences, in the city center, which will take the form of a false triplex. This equipment will be located between the Berri-UQAM and Saint-Laurent stations.

Image Montreal Transportation Company

A futuristic mechanical ventilation station, hidden in an imaginary triptych of Jean Mance residences

“Many mechanical ventilation plants have reached the end of their useful life,” notes STM. “This project was the subject of a feasibility study and the production of plans and specifications will begin as soon as funding from the Réno-Système program […] It will be confirmed. »

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It also plans to expand De l’Église station in Verdun to accommodate the elevator. “This project has been the subject of a feasibility study and plans and specifications are currently being produced,” STM notes in its document. “Implementation will begin as soon as funding is obtained […] It will be confirmed. »

Image Montreal Transportation Company

Planned expansion of De l’Eglise station

Finally, the public transport operator plans to build a voltage reduction station “at the back of the Lionel Groulx station in a park in the area [du] “Southwest”, according to the request for proposals. “In order to increase its social acceptability” it will be hidden. “The sector has already witnessed many transformations as a result of the work of STM and therefore [l’adhésion des voisins] The project is very mixed. »

Spokeswoman Justine Lord Dufour described this version of the facts: “Several solutions are still under study and it is not possible at this time to confirm the need for a new structure as part of this project.” She added: “As with many other STM-related projects “With the Metro, this project is located in a high-density context, and we are determined to demonstrate a diligent and collaborative approach to minimizing impacts on local residents.”