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Perpignan: Casa Mona, a hybrid luxury bubble to harmonize body, heart and mind

Perpignan: Casa Mona, a hybrid luxury bubble to harmonize body, heart and mind

Created in Perpignan at Moulin-à-Vent by the young Isabelle Villa, Casa Mauna promises a safe and secure place. It combines physical practices, such as dance and yoga, and holistic medicine, such as sophrology or kinesiology, for a global experience “in your being.”

Located on Passio Vella, Casa Mauna has the look of a Scandinavian house, all covered in wood. As you walk through the front door, you find a living room made up of soft furnishings and light, raw pieces, bathed in the warmth of sunlight. Green plants dissipate all stress. A cup of steaming coffee placed on the table soothes. The tone is set. This new hybrid venue in Perpignan calls for comfort, security and luxury. “Here we seek to restore balance to someone through support that takes the whole person into consideration.”Isabel Villa, 28 years old, the creator of this universe, confirms that she has trained to practice yoga. These four walls house nice shared accommodation made up of professionals in dance, yoga (even for children!), Pilates and also therapists. So that those who cross the threshold of Casa Mona emerge condemned to “Harmony between their bodies, hearts and minds“.

Towards self-rebalancing

Casa Mauna, “It is the Holistic House. Where, as the Hindi language suggests, we pledge silence to listen to ourselves in a profound way“, describes the young hostess Isabelle. “It's an extension of my dream life.” Which she sought through the sweat of her brow and her life's experiences in sports between Toulouse and Paris. But, in 2022, her lack of an anchor led her to reconnect with nature in her Catalan country. “With guidance”Goodness, gentleness, fluidity and lunar power“The young woman is a professional in the world of yoga: “It is a real state of mind where we have to separate ourselves from the mind to accept our limits. Its rigor and calm make us understand that we are human.” In order to restore balance between the forces and energies that she worked on herself, Isabel directs: “Often, the first door we open at Casa Mauna is contemporary dance classes, street jazz, Pilates, yin-yang yoga, vinyasia, ashtanga… and then we understand that “we feel pain.” Often emotionally. Then we refer this to “the kinesiologist, the nutritionist, the psychologist, the women’s support coach…” If there are magical works in the balance, let there be personal achievement!

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Detox, learn to slow down and postpartum in the program

Casa Mauna is also a place for exchange. Events and workshops are scheduled to introduce new activities on well-being in the coming times. In January 2024: On Saturday the 13th, a detox yoga workshop offers relaxation and rejuvenation to restore balance after the holiday; On Saturday the 20th, it will be accompanied by the “Learning to Slow Down” workshop. “Slowing down does not mean giving up the race, it is giving our soul room to breathe.” ; On Saturday the 27th, an invigorating morning ritual workshop combines the benefits of Pilates and lemon therapy. Later, next Saturday, April 20, a postpartum mama moon, that is, a circle of young mothers gathered around speeches, workshops, massages and relaxation sessions, is organized by Moons & Wolfs.

Casa Mauna, 145 chemin de la Passion Vella, And on Instagram casa.mauna