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Peak COVID-19 pollution in the UK, but in some hospitals

Peak COVID-19 pollution in the UK, but in some hospitals

The UK has recorded an increase in COVID-19 pollution since all of its health restrictions were dropped. However, the evidence that the vaccine works is that the number of hospital admissions is much lower than the previous wave.

Of the nearly 25,000 new infections, 14 new deaths were reported on Monday. According to the latest government data, more than 70% of adults in the UK are vaccinated.

The increase in cases, even the slightest, has succeeded in destabilizing the country. Millions of “contact cases” are forced to isolate themselves for ten days, paralyzing the economy.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer were among those forced to self-isolate, particularly in contact with the victim.

Last week almost all UK newspapers published pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets. On Saturday, a line in the London Underground had to be interrupted due to a lack of staff. Some police forces have warned that the response time will be extended. As the summer holidays approach, more than a million children are forced into self-isolation, forcing parents to stay home.

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