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Paul Hood |  1954-2024: The Blackhawks lost their “biggest fan in Quebec,” says team legend

Paul Hood | 1954-2024: The Blackhawks lost their “biggest fan in Quebec,” says team legend

Since his childhood, Paul Hood was a huge Blackhawks fan, whose love for the Chicago team was well known to the general public. “Our biggest fan in Quebec,” said one of the club's legends, Denis Savard, whom the radio broadcaster has become a friend of.

“I still remember the support he gave me throughout my career,” said the former forward with 1,338 NHL points. Every time I met him at a game in Chicago, he would wear a Blackhawks jersey with pride.

He added: “He would talk about the great legends of the Hawks, and he always ended our conversations by saying in his strong voice: “Defender Elmer Moose Vasco,” referring to the defender of the 1960s, whom Paul Hood was fond of. Repeat the name…and above all the title!

A jacket that would change everything

This unwavering support was born in the 1960s, in the heart of the glorious era of Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull.

“I was always the last one picked when we played hockey, and they told me all the time: 'You're going to be.' Goalkeeper. I said: Yes, if that is the case I will notice it. He explained this, in 2010, to our sporting director, Denis BoysanWhom he met during the Stanley Cup Final. So I asked one of my aunts to knit me a Blackhawk sweater, a white sweater with an Indian head on it.

“and I did.”

Al-Kindi's mockery of myths

Over the years, his love for the Blackhawks has earned him some ridicule from Canadian players, including Regan Holley.

“We liked to remind him that we won the Cup twice against Chicago in the early 1970s,” he recalls.

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But Paul Hood did not hate the Canadian. In fact, he was dreaming of a new final between Montreal and Chicago, as his “heart was still with the Blackhawks.”

– In collaboration with Rodger Brulot