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Oscars 2024: Jimmy Kimmel was ordered not to read Donald Trump's 'tweet' during the ceremony

Oscars 2024: Jimmy Kimmel was ordered not to read Donald Trump's 'tweet' during the ceremony

Jimmy Kimmel has been strictly prohibited from making a disparaging comment about Donald Trump during the Oscars.

An injunction that the 56-year-old actor was not going to use, because at the end of the evening, having largely fulfilled his duties as host, he read a scathing review of his work, written by… Donald Trump.

“I'm really proud of something and I was wondering if I could share it with you. I just received a review. I'm asking you to guess which former president just posted this on Truth Social? Anyone?” The master of ceremonies began.

“Well, thank you, President Trump! thanks for watching! I am surprised. Isn't it time for prison?” the announcer said sarcastically, making a play on words in English bed time (bedtime) and Jail time (prison term).

Then he added, about the candidate for the Republican Party nomination in the upcoming presidential elections: “He is focused on the important things, that’s for sure.”

Four-time Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel revealed today that the show's organizers explicitly asked him not to read the letter out loud. “They said, 'You've got a little time left,' and I said, 'I'm reading Trump's tweet,' and they said, 'No, no, don't read that.' I said, 'Yes, I'll read it,'” Jimmy Kimmel told the show. Live with Kelly and Markbroadcast during the day.

Donald Trump disdainfully criticized Jimmy Kimmel's performance as host. The presidential candidate wrote: “Has there been a worse host than Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars? His presentation was of a less than average person trying hard to be what he is not and could never be. Get rid of Kimmel and perhaps replace him with another ABC talent, George Slopanopoulos, who has nothing left to prove, but is cheap.

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George Stephanopoulos TV show character Good morning America.