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“The hand is gone!”: The crocodile devours his hand

“The hand is gone!”: The crocodile devours his hand

A fisherman ended up in the hospital Sunday afternoon after his hand was eaten by an alligator in Leesburg, Florida.

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The man was fishing in a pond when the animal appeared and attacked him.

“While the man was on the ground, the alligator grabbed his hand and they both rolled over,” Ron Priest said in an interview with Fox 35. He and his wife witnessed the scene from their backyard.

According to him, the fisherman was trying to catch a fish when the animal bit his hand.

“The crocodile was after us [le] He added: “The fish, and what we don't know is whether the man was trying to retrieve the fish.”

Two people called 911 to report the attack, calls that Lake County Fire Rescue made public.

“There's a crocodile attacking a man in my yard!” As the second person stated, the animal had left the victim's hand, Ms. Priest said. “The hand is gone!” She added, “The hand is gone!”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said the 9-foot-long animal had to be euthanized, according to protocol in the event of an attack on a human.

“I understand that [FWC] The human part cannot be eliminated. “He should be sent to a medical facility, and if they can reattach him, they should fly him to Orlando,” Ron Priest said.

For his part, the victim was transported to the hospital by helicopter.