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GoldenEye 007 editor 'achievements' discovered (still)

GoldenEye 007 editor ‘achievements’ discovered (still)

We have to believe GoldenEye 007 won’t stop talking about it, at least its remaster. After being an open secret for so long, we learned in 2021 that the a . file A modified version of the game has been developed for Xbox Live Arcade, but was never published due to copyright issues. What if this is about to change?

Image credit: Microsoft Games

Maybe one day in a galaxy far away

Rumors about the GoldenEye 007 remaster, that’s pretty much nothing new. It must be said that fans have been asking for it for years and Microsoft has never denied it. This only swelled during the Xbox 360 era, with Perfect Dark getting a remake of Xbox Live Arcade in 2010.

However, we have since come to know that this converter already exists and that its development has been completed. In 2021, this version was “leaked” on the Internet and could even be played under certain conditions, but again, the game could not be distributed due to licensing and copyright issues.

Barring that for a few months, evidence is that the remake showing our dear British spy can still see the light of day. Last but not least is the discovery by Chronicle video gamesfor a page on the official Microsoft website that references this Remaster’s achievements for GoldenEye 007. This leak actually happened some time ago.s, with players who managed to achieve in-game achievements and turned out to be developers who worked on the modified version.

Since then, the success page has clearly disappeared, but will this be a sign of hope for the fans? That remains to be determined, however we can always be satisfied to see our agent 007 again as a new game is developed. James Bond at IO Interactivewhich is the studio behind the Hitman franchise.

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