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Opening a co-working space for young companies in Sin

Opening a co-working space for young companies in Sin

The space for young companies aims to accommodate and support them during the first three years. 19 places are already available in the CACIMA building.

After the establishment of the “crafts” nursery located on the ground floor of the CACIMA extension which now houses four craftsmen, it is now the turn of the young companies to take advantage of this type of structure. New buildings dedicated to service activities are located on their side in the upper buildings.

There are 19 places available in this co-working space. As Janick Cormier, Director of Cacima explains: “Interested companies will be accommodated at attractive rates and will be supported by consultants who are experts in organizational, management or even marketing issues. Cacima team provides support“.

Businesses willing to do so can take advantage of this new location for three years or more, but only under certain conditions.

Detail from Janick Cormier. The CACIMA Director was a guest on Delphine Jeanneau on TV news on Monday, October 4th.

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