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OnePlus 8, 8Pro, 8T and 9R receive Oxygen OS 12

Good news for smartphone owners OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T, and 9R. As Gsmarena tells us, these models the shape Now in the list of devices running under OxygenOS 12.

This is information that will surely delight fans of the Chinese brand. In fact, Oxygen OS 12 is now available for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T, and 9R devices. Even more interesting is the fact that the version announced by the manufacturer is the latest version of the platform. Based on Android 12, this version of Oxygen OS brings various improvements aimed at improving the user experience as well as security. Each of the four devices has its own package.


Here are the names of each package: IN2011_11.C.11 (IN), IN2015_11.C.11 (NA) for OnePlus 8; IN2021_11.C.11 (IN), IN2025_11.C.11 (NA) for OnePlus 8 Pro; KB2001_11.C.11 (IN), KB2005_11.C.11 (NA) for OnePlus 8T and LE2101_11.C.14 (IN) for OnePlus 9R.

New control schemes

As mentioned, Oxygen OS 12 comes with many improvements. Among them, we can mention the new desktop icons that adopt a more user-friendly design, but also correct the problem of sudden closing of applications running in the background. The new software version also fixes the screen error when receiving notifications. Additionally, OnePlus has focused on a dark mode that now offers three adjustable levels.

The Oxygen OS side panel, the OnePlus Shelf, has received special care. The creator added new style options for cards. For example, Oxygen OS 12 includes new control panels for Bluetooth headphones. We’ll also highlight the fact that it’s now easy to check back on your health stats thanks to the newly added OnePlus Watch card.

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A more powerful version of the working life balance function

Also, Oxygen OS 12 allows all users to enjoy work life balance feature. You can now quickly switch between work and life modes. The function can also do this automatically depending on the environment in which the user is located, the WiFi network he is connected to or even the time. In terms of gallery, it offers better differentiation of photos, especially those of better quality. Thanks to the Canvas AOD update, we can customize the lock screen in a more playful way.

In addition to these improvements, this version of Oxygen OS 12 for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T, and 9R fixes an issue that prevented from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi. Wireless headphones connection via Bluetooth.