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Omicron variable: cough, fatigue, fever ... What symptoms should alert you?

Omicron variable: cough, fatigue, fever … What symptoms should alert you?

Santé Publique France has collected a series of data on cases of contamination with the Omicron variable, which allows us to have a clearer view.

Within a few weeks, the majority are among the Covid-19 infections. The Omicron variant is increasingly common today. If you are concerned about contracting it, here are the symptoms that should alert you.

Based on data collected by public health France And published in its weekly update on January 4, the most common signs of contamination are fatigue, as well as a cough and fever.

Santé Publique France conducted a study on the various symptoms of this variant.
Public Health France – screenshot

Loss of smell and taste which was a sign of possible Covid-19 contamination was cited by only 10% of the 338 people questioned by Public Health France.

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A few recovery

For the majority of these patients, symptoms were not serious: only five were hospitalized and not placed in intensive care. As we now know, this variant, even if more contagious, is less virulent than the delta variant. Thus, its signs are similar to the symptoms of a cold, but nevertheless they can vary according to different people and their state of health at the time of infection.

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Santé Publique France specifies that these results are “preliminary” and therefore should be “interpreted with caution” since the data are “still in progress”. However, this study appears to be consistent with findings from research conducted in other countries.

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