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Olimil: The workers could have signed off on their transfer “under duress”

Olimil: The workers could have signed off on their transfer “under duress”

The countdown of foreign workers continues at the Olmel plant in Valley Junction, three months after the factory closure was announced. While many foreign workers have already made the decision to leave the region, some have deplored the lack of information on the part of the company.

Hans Jonathan Berard is one of 123 foreign workers at the Olmel factory in Valley Junction.

Of these, at least 87 workers decided to join the ranks of other Olmel factories in Quebec. For a Mauritian, the reason is simple. Some workers were not aware of their true options before making the decision to leave their approved area.

“There are people who fell [leur transfert] under the pressure of the unique pressure. […] “Some have come back to see me to see if it is too late to annul their signed agreement,” said Hans-Jonathan Berard.

It is by being appointed by Olymel that the workmen have agreed to a contract of employment binding them at the Vallée-Jonction factory, the so-called closed contract. What some didn’t know was that they had the option of signing a new contract to tie them up with another company in the area, if that was their wish. So they could have avoided another move.

For Beauce federal MP Richard Lehoux, the situation could have been less precarious for the region with more transparency on Olmel’s part. Especially since the unemployment rate is less than 2%.

“As an employer, I understand that Olimel has paid the costs and time to bring in these workers, except that it is the company’s decision to close this factory! I find it unfortunate that the workers find themselves at odds in this situation.

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However, the company is convinced that the workers made their decision fully aware of the facts.

“This is our claim. We have taken steps to raise workers’ awareness. […] “We had many meetings where it was possible for them to ask their questions as well as meet with members of the federal and provincial government authorities,” said Senior Vice President at Olimel, Paul Beauchamp.

The final shutdown of the Olmel Valley-Junction plant is scheduled for December 22.