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Ohm: Gerson, the right form at the right time - season

Ohm: Gerson, the right form at the right time – season

Criticized for weeks, Gerson took the time to adapt to the Marseille environment in order to show, well, some might say, what he could bring to OM. Rest assured that Olympians are cruising in the race to qualify in C1.

Star of OM’s summer transfer window, quickly moving into the disappointment category

Arriving at an estimated €20 million according to sources, Gerson looked like the rising star of the Olympic summer. Considered one of the top players in his tournament, a Brazilian international, he symbolized the new ambition of duo Longoria-Sampaoli, who are passionate about a mix of young shooters and already more experienced players. Presented as a midfield accelerator with a big hit, we necessarily and immediately expected everything from the boy. In front of his first disappointing performances, there was enough to annoy: If we felt he had something, Gerson wouldn’t show it. Only physically, slow to serve, his early months give the image of an indifferent player who had everything from flop.

Gerson shows what he’s capable of at the right time

Despite his very young form, Jorge Sampaoli rarely puts him on the bench and it is clear that he believes in the success of the player he has long seen in Brazil. The problem is that the Argentine hasn’t really found a steady position for him. Sometimes a midfielder, sometimes a playmaker, sometimes a nine-liar, we didn’t always understand why the Brazilian deserved to play so much. In Nantes this winter, he finally showed that he can score. That’s pretty much where his “vigilance” is. Since then, Gerson has gained momentum and more accurately when his coach decided to put him on the left in a 4-2-3-1 match sometimes reminiscent of Deschamps’ role for the Blues, in a Matuidi-style role. In front of Nice on Sunday, he was completely responsible for the left side, Great help for Bakambu late in the game. Then he was playing a higher score. What to say, with the return of Melek’s stand and the slight drop in Payt form, Gerson has what it takes to be the one to allow the group to continue their momentum. So, it’s definitely time, but it’s also time to enjoy it. It comes at the right time.

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