O WAOUH, new creation by Mon grand l’ombre Espace Germinal, 17 February 2023, Fosses.

O WAOUH, new creation by Mon grand l’ombre, Friday, February 17, 2023, 2:30 pm, 8:30 pm. Espace Germinal

My Big Shadow – Sophie Lalloy & Laila Mendes

Espace Germinal 2 avenue du Mesnil 95470 Fosses Fosses 95470 Val-d’Oise Île-de-France

Zélie, 10, takes the train on her own to join her grandfather If at the other end of town. To do this, you must cross the entire Narcys property, a series of billboarded buildings in honor of HUM*. The ride is long, the ads coming out of HUM Rock have her and Zélie fall asleep.
In his dream, he controls a train half man and half goat that strangely resembles his grandfather to tell him his story. This takes us to a world of admirers where men and animals lived in symbiosis with nature overflowing, in the time of the Phrodys.
A world where we share pain…
* Hum: All-purpose screen, brings medium pleasure and short-lived happiness. Broadcast ads all the time.

At the heart of a botanical décor, film, music, and the three performers intertwine to tell this philosophical and fascinating tale.

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2023-02-17 T14:30:00 + 01:00
2023-02-17 T21:30:00 + 01:00

Sophie and Delphine Laloy