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No more plastic bags at Walmart

No more plastic bags at Walmart

US giant Walmart, which weighs nearly $488 billion in stock, has learned to abandon single-use plastic bags for good in 400 stores nationwide within three months, Newspaper.

Horacio Barbetto, CEO of Walmart Canada, confirmed in a statement to magazine.

Walmart is allowing itself until Earth Day, April 22, to stop using single-use plastic bags.

In total, this measure will prevent nearly three quarters of a billion plastic bags from being used each year.

And Wal-Mart indicated, on Tuesday, that the amount of plastic bags traded is equivalent to ten times the amount of plastic bags traded around the planet.

Since last August, dozens of Walmart stores have experimented with a pilot project, allowing nearly 6 million plastic bags to be diverted.

Today, all the stores of the American giant turn their backs on the famous plastic bag.

From now on, customers will have to bring their own reusable bags. Walmart will also sell it in stores.

During the day, the Federal Minister for Environment and Climate Change (MEC), Stephen Gilbolt, praised the US multinational’s efforts.

“The Government of Canada is committed to banning some single-use plastics, and I would like to thank companies like Walmart Canada for their commitment to meeting the expectations of an environmentally conscious public,” he said.

“Canadians have told us it is time to clean our beaches, parks, streets and beaches of the plastics they pollute,” he concluded.

Other eco-friendly measures from Walmart

  • Get rid of the plastic wrap from organic banana bunches
  • Increase post-consumer recycled content in bakeries
  • Introducing new packaging for sausage dishes
  • Ditch the single-use plastic straws
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(Source: Walmart)