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Nick Haig will strike if he doesn't have a contract by September 21

Nick Haig will strike if he doesn’t have a contract by September 21

Over the past year, the Vegas Golden Knights have drawn attention for the wrong reasons. Whether it was the way they handled Marc-Andre Fleury, the management of Robin Lehner’s injury or the lack of accountability within the organization that Max Pasuritti (who also traded for absolutely nothing) deplored, let’s say all this didn’t help put them in the goodness of The audience.

It seems to be managed in a somewhat arrogant manner there.

But now they’re back in the news with another story that makes them look a little bad: Nick Haig, a defender for the organization who is currently a restricted free agent, is threatening to strike if he doesn’t have a contract when the team’s training camp starts on September 21.

Our colleagues at Fanadin made the discovery earlier today.

However, where the story becomes a little more disturbing is that the Defender clan confirms that there is a lack of communication on the team’s side on file. There have been no discussions since the beginning of July, so agreement will not be forthcoming.

After the absence of accountability, is there now a lack of communication? Not perfect, all of that.

At 23, Hague is set to sign his second NHL contract, after his entry on the Bettman Tour expired last season. He is a regular player on the Golden Knights defensive team and the Golden Knights will have to find a way to get along with him.

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However, it will not necessarily be obvious. The team earns about $2.5 million under the salary cap, excluding the salaries of Shea Weber and Robin Lehner (who will be on LTIR all year), but if they don’t communicate with the player, it will be very difficult to find common ground.

Will that be enough money to sign it? Frankly I do not know.

In short, it would be necessary to see if the file settlement would end when the Knights camp opened, but it would definitely be something to watch. However, the mere fact that there still seemed to be sand in the gears is definitely a bad sign with such a short time to start boot camp.

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