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Niagara Falls hotels raise prices on the occasion of the April 8 eclipse

Niagara Falls hotels raise prices on the occasion of the April 8 eclipse

To capitalize on the April 8 solar eclipse craze, hotels in Niagara Falls, where the eclipse will be complete, have increased their rates tenfold.

Instead of paying about a hundred dollars, you will have to pay more than $1,000 to stay in the city from April 7 to 8, to then be able to observe the eclipse in ideal conditions. Prices also peak on the American side of the falls, where they can exceed $4,000.

The total phase of the eclipse should only last three and a half minutes in Niagara Falls, but between the free concert and thematic evenings, the city is preparing for a real event. The Niagara Symphony Orchestra “will play the prelude to the total solar eclipse and will resume operations once totality is reached.” Can we read on the city website.

City Mayor Jim Diodati expects to receive “up to a million” tourists, which will make it the largest event in the history of Niagara Falls, even though it is accustomed to their presence in large numbers.

The last major rally in the city was in 2012, when American tightrope walker Nik Wallenda crossed the falls on a wire. Then between 100,000 and 150,000 people came to witness the feat.

On April 8, the municipality recommends bringing “snacks, water, phone charger, entertainment, medicines, and first aid products.” Niagara Falls is also planning heavy traffic on its streets starting April 5, and expects the local cellular network will be compromised by the traffic.

This report is supported by the Local Journalism Initiative, with funding from the Government of Canada.

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