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NHL Players: No Vaccine, No Pay?

NHL Players: No Vaccine, No Pay?

It is highly recommended that National Hockey League (NHL) players receive, otherwise certain penalties may be imposed on them.

In a call from the NHL Players Association (NHLA) that lasted more than an hour last week, discussions about salary cuts for non-vaccinated players began, according to The Athletic.

Other penalties can be expected, such as blocking access to certain parts of Canada or the United States that have health restrictions that prevent people without a vaccine from crossing the border.

On Monday, Canada opened its borders, allowing access to Americans or Canadians living in the United States, provided they are fully vaccinated or test negative for coronavirus 72 hours before they arrive.

The NHL wants to take all possible measures to prevent its operations from being disrupted during the season that begins in October. You must first pass through the primary actors, the players.

For some, it was a matter of timing.

“I was worried about getting vaccinated during the year, because I had heard stories that the side effects were more severe in those who had already contracted the virus,” said one of the players who went through the protocol. NHL COVID-19 at The Athletic. After that, we went to playoffs and I didn’t want to risk getting the vaccine, especially since we don’t need to be tested for 90 days after contracting the virus.”

With the NHLPA’s order, some will undoubtedly have to choose between their right to remain unprotected, or the right to skate on icy surfaces to pursue their profession.

“If there’s a chance that we haven’t been paid or that we are being stopped by our teams, that definitely makes you think differently, conceding an unimmunised player. My impression? Almost everyone will be vaccinated now.”

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“It puts a little pressure on everyone,” another player added. You don’t want to be the reason your team plays with a lesser man or has to stay in a hotel like last year.”

The team leader also thinks in this direction and believes that it is enough to target the right places.

He summed up: “When you attack them at the bag level, people tend to change their minds.”

NHL Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly asserts that more than 85% of active players on the Bettman Tour are vaccinated. The WNBA rate is 99% and the NFL and NBA are about 90%. On the Major League Baseball side, the ratio is about 85%.