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NFL: Quarterback fights are emerging

NFL: Quarterback fights are emerging

The NFL pre-season is a period that can leave room for surprises, disappointments, and battles for a position on the team. The latter option is especially true for the midfield at the start for a few teams this year.

The New England Patriots, among others, found themselves in this predicament with Mac Jones and Cam Newton. The two key players from Massachusetts hit the field in the first preseason game against the Washington Football Club.

Newton was involved in his first two offensive streaks, hitting four of his seven passes for 49 yards. Jones then took charge for the second and third quarters, recording 13 of 19 passes for 87 yards.

“It is not up to me to make decisions,” said Newton, whose comments were echoed by the newspaper. New York Post At the end of the game, about the time to use it. I trust the group of coaches and the people who get paid to make these decisions. If they say that’s enough, that’s enough.”

“He wants to be perfect and that shows in his preparation,” Newton added of his teammate. This is what I like about him despite his young age [22 ans]; He knows how to prepare well. It can only get better and we’ll be there for each other in the process.”

“I am far from perfect, but I deserve loyalty,” Newton wrote in a somewhat ambiguous message posted on his Instagram platform.

shaft heater Garoppolo

In San Francisco, even though 49 players have yet to play a single pre-season game, Trey Lance could make life difficult for Jimmy Garoppolo.

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At least, that’s what California general manager John Lynch thinks.

“The decision is up to our head coach [Kyle Shanahan]Lynch said when he appeared on radio station KNBR on Friday. He’s the one who makes the decisions about who plays and who doesn’t. I think the job still belongs to Jimmy, but Trey pushes too hard.”

«[Lance] It’s incredible. It’s exactly what we thought it would be, and more. He’s been good since day one off the season.”

However, Lynch added that the older player had played his “best football” since joining the California organization.

Battle in Jacksonville?

Does Jacksonville Jaguars coach, Urban Mayer, think there is a fight between Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Menshaw? Or do they just want to keep an open secret to ensure that a high level of competition is maintained?

Only the main character can answer this question, but to believe his words, the first choice of the last draft will not be able to take things lightly if he wants to be the start of the first regular season duel.

“Yes,” Meyer replied simply, when asked if there was a real job fight on Thursday, according to ESPN.

“I will do everything in my power to be the best man to win matches for us,” Lawrence said. At the end of the day, the decision is not mine. I trust the coaches. We are all on the same team and we all want to win.”