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NHL in Quebec: Pierre-Carl Péladeau is ready for any eventuality

NHL in Quebec: Pierre-Carl Péladeau is ready for any eventuality

Quebecor senior president Pierre-Carl Péladeau is still interested in participating in the return of NHL hockey to Quebec.

The businessman reiterated his interest to TVA Sports on Saturday during a brief interview on the sidelines of the All-Star Game in Toronto.

According to him, the winning conditions for the Nordiques' return to Quebec still exist.

“We have a world-class amphitheater, (a real enthusiastic audience) to follow the Nordic countries, the economic community with Minister (Eric) Gérard who went to New York (…) The economy is in full swing, the unemployment rate is low,” he said.

He also pointed out that “I cannot fail to mention Quebecor, which has significant financial resources, but also has the ability to promote this event.”


Mr. Belado also does not rule out the idea of ​​seeing Quebecor team up with other companies or businessmen to bring back the Nordics.

“It's a good idea, it's not an original formula: we're seeing that more and more given the value of franchises in all professional sports,” he stressed.

However, he was cautious about his potential partners.

He said: “It is certainly too early to say who could be part of the consortium. We can have a small idea after all, but regarding this topic, I will remain conservative.” But there are also important companies whose main offices are located in Quebec.

He's not against the idea of ​​partnering with an owner who wants to move an existing NHL franchise to Quebec.

He said: “Of course, and we want to participate in its success.” Being a major broadcaster: TVA and its entire organization is the leading broadcaster in Quebec. There are some who are trying to come and catch us, but as someone else says, they better wake up early!

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