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The FIA ​​decided to support Andretti Cadillac

The FIA ​​decided to support Andretti Cadillac

After the request to form an eleventh team was rejected by Formula One management, the sporting authorities intend to use all their weight to re-launch the dialogue in order to help Andretti-Cadillac.

Formula 1's strict ruling shocked many fans and observers of the sport, starting with the FIA ​​granting Andretti a free pass.

Since the commercial rights holder Liberty Media has the final say, the FIA ​​is somewhat helpless when we know that President Mohammed bin Sulayem has supported from the beginning the principle of an eleventh (and even a twelfth) team, as authorized by F1 sporting regulations.

The arguments put forward by FOM to reject Andretti Global are based on subjective elements, to say the least, such as the fact that the team will not be competitive enough (according to what criteria?) and that its temporary status as a client of a company. The current engine manufacturer has damaged the championship's image.

But the reality is unfortunately more realistic: Liberty does not want a new stable in the short term and is not prepared to give commercial revenues to the newcomer without ensuring the development of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Michael Andretti reacted with legitimate bitterness by emphasizing the quality of his candidacy to represent the American factory team in the Grand Prix and by declaring himself proud of the work done so far, implying no intention of giving up even if you don't leave Formula 1. The door is even open The year 2028, when the Cadillac engine developed by General Motors will be put into operation.

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Andretti also objected to the suggestion of holding a personal meeting at Formula 1 headquarters in London, explaining that he had never received such an invitation before but that it was not the best idea to go there.

For its part, the FIA ​​published a rather sober press release indicating that it will engage in dialogue with stakeholders in order to determine the next steps, without agreeing to let the FOM dictate the timetable. This means that the issue will be at the heart of negotiations to renew the Concorde Agreements for the period 2026-2030, which are agreements that can only be ratified with the approval of the Union.

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